Fresher Tester Recruitment – Fiot

Fiot Co., Ltd Fiot is focusing on the Research and Development of IoT (Internet of Things) products and ecosystem around the products. Fiot provides full solutions to build customers’ products from hardware to mechanical design, from mobile Apps to Website and Cloud service. Moreover, Fiot also has the responsibility for production management. Products Fiot has been providing to customers are:

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Sutrix Media tuyển Web/Mobile Testers

Sutrix company

URGENT LOOKING FOR MANY WEB/MOBILE TESTERS Sutrix Media is an international software development company specializing in Web Application and media. Sutrix Media has large clients globally, primarily in North America, Europe and Asia. Because of our company exponential growth, we are looking for highly motivated candidates for QC/Tester position. You can access to for more detail. We are looking

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