Nội dung khoá học JMeter Advanced


– Performance Testing
– Performance Criteria

+ Response Time
+ Throughput

– Performance Test Type

+ Stress Test
+ Load Test
+ Spike Test
+ Soak Test (Endurance Test)


– Record Test Script
– How to modify test script to build a Test Plan?


– Using Throughput and Switch Controller
Context: Test Plan has 4 requests R1, R2, R3, R4
We need to create Test Plan to satisfy
1. How to run independently: R1 or R2 or R3 or R4?
2. How to run (R1 and R2) or (R1 and R3)?
3. How to run all requests: R1, R2, R3, R4 together?
4. How to run all requests: R1, R2, R3, R4 together with a specific percentage?
R1: 10%, R2: 20%, R3: 30%, R4: 40%

– Run requests independently
Context: Request “Update” only runs after logging in, but if we run Login and Update together, is the result correct?
Solution: Prepare token/cookies and all needed data for Update, and run Update only.

– Run many requests for each account
Context: Login account 1, do some actions like delete items A,B,C, or add items D,E,F
Login account 2, do some actions like delete items M,N, or add items X,Y,Z,T,W
We need to do the same actions but different amount of times
Solution: prepare a good .csv file, then we can run the test normally, or we can handle the data from .csv and run

– Run request base on the condition.

– Repeat the request until it reaches the condition.

– Database Testing: MySQL, Postgres


– StringUtils:

+ Random String with specific chars and length
+ Random String with length
+ Random Number with length
+ Random rangeNumber
+ Random word
+ Random sentence
+ Random Paragraph

– JSR223 + Groovy:

+ JsonBuilder
+ JsonParser: Get json response, edit something, use the data for next post request
+ Cookie handling
+ Header handling
+ Other…

– Custom CSV Load File

+ Read random line and get random data

Advance Using

– Custom non-ui mode with simple command
– Using properties file proficiently
– Run JMeter with Jenkins

HTML Report

– Filter displayed requests
– Disable unnecessary report information
– Custom report information

Trouble Shooting JMeter

– Common Errors
– How to detect an issue
– Problem-solving.